Meet Dr. Deirdre Williams

Chief Bridge Builder with U-Bridge Consulting Group

Meet Dr. Deirdre Williams Chief Bridge Builder with U-Bridge Consulting Group

About Deirdre

Deirdre Williams, Ed.D., the Chief Bridge Builder with U-Bridge Consulting Group, has an impressive educational leadership history. She combines her skills in education, public health research and evaluation to support leaders with changing their organization cultures and improving learning outcomes for all students.

Deirdre has served in several educational leadership roles including the Executive Director of the School Reform Initiative, the premier source for professional development and resources related to creating transformational learning communities fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence.

Under her leadership the organization supported districts across the country with building equity bridges to engage student and community voices in the development of equity policy and programs to eliminate gaps in student outcomes.

She also launched the Commitment to Equity Institute a year-long initiative for leaders, teachers, and students who are focused on dismantling systems of oppression in their schools.

About Deirdre

Hi, I'm Dr. Deirdre Williams.

If you’re like most of the leaders supported by our network, you’re already a results-oriented leader. You have a compelling purpose for leadership, a clear perspective, and a courageous persistence to ensure that your organization succeeds. But there is something getting in the way of your school’s or district’s success – and you realize you can’t transform your organization alone.

I understand how frustrating this feels.

Throughout my tenure in educational leadership, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects that today’s systematic inequities can have on our students, schools, and communities.

“The greatest hope of sustaining any community is to educate its children.”

Dr. Deirdre Williams

Dr. Williams is credited for her leadership in turnaround schools in the seventh largest district in the United States where she attributes her success to a commitment and focus on equity and excellence for all students. She transformed her campus from a twenty-year failing school to a competitive community school of promise offering every child seven courses for high school credit.

Williams was awarded the only non-charter Texas STEM designated academy in the Houston Independent School District after receiving accountability designations in mathematics and recognition for student growth. She has been invited to several conferences to speak and present about her school transformation story, “From Fixing the Kids to Transforming the Adults”.

Prior to her current role, Dr. Williams served as the Leadership Development Officer at the Harris County Department of Education where she supported school and district leaders in 25 independent school districts of Harris County. She facilitates institutes nationally on creating equity cultures in organizations, leading collaborative and reflective adult learning, and promising practices for urban school transformation.

Williams has published several articles related to such topics as creating successful school teams, school transformation with the use of equity audits, and developing culturally competent leaders. She is a leading voice on coaching and developing educators to serve students with an equity mindset.

Her Equity Mindset Framework for educators provides tools for teaching with equity consciousness, social- emotional understanding, authentic relationships, empowering classroom management, and quality teaching and learning is featured in the report, Revisiting the Promise of Education for the African American Child: 65 Years Post Brown vs. Board of Education.

Dr. Williams

ADD Equity Framework

An adult learning process for developing an equity mindset (EM) to achieve equity in schools and communities


Where Equity Knowledge is Gained on the Individual level


Where Equity Awareness, Sensitivity & Competence are Developed on the Individual and Interpersonal levels


Where Equity Mindset Manifests into Systematic Changes

Unconscious - Aware - Awake
Unconscious - Aware - Awake
Interpersonal - Institutional - Structural
Interpersonal - Institutional - Structural
Adult learning and constructive application move back and forth to the degree they engage in a safe learning community about beliefs, and strategies that support change in practice.